Best Middie Lacrosse Head of 2019

Warrior Evo 4x Lacrosse Head - One of the Best Lacrosse Heads on the Market

Personally,┬ámy position is a midfielder (or also known as a middie). By far, it is one of the toughest positions in the game due to the amount of stamina required to run back and forth to cover the field, and also the responsibilities. If the middie does not return back to the defensive half, then […]

Best Lacrosse Shaft for Attack Players in 2019

Epoch Firefly is the Best Lacrosse Shaft for Attack

In a lacrosse stick, their are two essential components: the head and the shaft. Whereas it can be argued that the head is the most important since it does catching, passing, shooting, and cradling, the shaft is just as important. As a player myself, I prefer a lacrosse shaft that is┬ástrong, lightweight, with enough grip […]