Best Lacrosse Bounce Back and Rebounder Review Guide in 2018

Brine Lacrosse Rebounder for practiceLacrosse is a one of those sports were repetition and practice is easy if you have a bounce back, also known as a rebounder, or even a solid wall. However, you may not have access to a solid wall around your house or surroundings. Therefore, the use of bounce back or rebounder is a must to increase your skills to the next level.

I will review the best of the best lacrosse bounce back available for different budgets. See comparison table

I have played Lacrosse for over 10 years now. I started in my sophomore year in high school and continued playing for several years at the university-level. The reason I love the sport is because increasing your skills was just a matter of having a bounce back, rebounder, or better yet a wall.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Lacrosse Bounce Back

Any old bounce back will not work. Every sport has a type of bounce back. For example, soccer, baseball, and even basketball, they all have them. When choosing to buy a rebounder, make sure these several aspects are included in the product:

  • Durable for any weather
  • Foldable (optional preference)
  • Make sure it is sturdy so it does not tip over
  • Height is adequate – 8 feet is ideal

Below are the best customer rated and reviewed Lacrosse bounce backs you can buy.

DescriptionDetailed ReviewPrice
STX Bounce Back
stx best bounce back
Best Lacrosse Bounce Back. Extremely sturdy, durable, and also, folds easy for storage. Perfect for anyone!Read review$$$
Champions Pro Bounce Back
Champions Sports Pro Bounce Back
Highly recommended! Fully adjustable, sturdy, and enough target space for any player. Easy to setup.Read review$$$
Champions Bounce Back
champions sport rebounder
The most bang-for-your-buck bounce back. Lightweight for easy moving and setup. Usable for other sports!Read review$$$
Gladiator Rebounder
champions sport rebounder
Excellent customer reviews. Extra target space. Perfect for backyards.Read review$$$

Why do I need a Lacrosse Bounce Back?

Practice, practice, practice! Lacrosse is a game of precision, accuracy, stamina, and strength. Repetition on a bounce back of throwing the ball back-and-forth to yourself can increase your skills drastically.

Before my practices would begin, I would go out an hour or so early and practice on the wall outside of my school. Teachers were not at all happy! The lacrosse ball is not the softest ball and can hurt if hit by it, as you know! Eventually, I purchased a bounce back. This was by far my best investment for this sport.

Even at the college-level, my coaches would say practicing for 20 minutes on a bounce back was 10 times more efficient than playing in a game.

Passing with a friend is not an alternative to using a rebounder. The rebounder will not compensate for your mistakes in accuracy in strength. Your friend will try their hardest to catch the ball even if it was not passed correctly.

However, a rebounder never lies! If the pass was not accurate, it will never come back to you accurately. This is the best way to get better! Learn from your previous pass and make the next one better.

Top 3 Best Lacrosse Rebounder Reviews

I have used the criteria outlined and my personal experience of the sport to put together a comprehensive list of the best Lacrosse bounce backs available at a reasonable price, with good customer reviews, and sturdy for outdoor use. Please check them out below.

STX Bounce Back Review – best all-rounder!

stx best bounceback reviewSTX is a top-notch lacrosse company. I have personally used this rebounder for over 2 years. It is durable under any weather and sturdy. Also, the angle of the STX is unique it its own way. It is made so that the speed you throw the ball at it is roughly the speed it comes back and it does not deaden over time, whereas other products do. This one will last you for a long time! Here are the features:

  • Sturdy steel frame allows for different angles
  • Accommodates well for small backyards or area
  • Height is 8 feet tall – perfect size!
  • Target outline for accuracy practice

Champion Sports Lacrosse Pro Bounce Back Review – highly recommended!

Brine Lacrosse Rebounder for practiceThis rebounder is also recommended. Even though, I have not used this myself. I have seen my neighbors and close friends’ kids using this, and it is recommended. It is durable, sturdy, and can withstand countless hours of practice without a problem. Some important features include:

  • Height is 7-Feet tall – perfect for anyone to play with
  • Folds completely flat for storage – parents will be happy!
  • Durable and sturdy 15 inch aluminum frame – this will not tip over!
  • Fully adjustable angle

It can be setup in the backyard of the house or be moved easy to a park. It is perfect for the young boy who is learning to the collegiate-level player.

EZGoal Review – most sturdy rebounder!

ezgoal for lacrosse reviewThis bounce back has to be the most sturdy of all. It is the heaviest and takes up the most room. But if you are looking for something that will not tip over, this one is perfect.

  • 17-gauge steel frame for rigid construction
  • Folding mechanism makes this flat – ideal!
  • 8 feet tall – perfect height!

The EZGoal Lacrosse bounce back is ideal for the high-school player who will use it on a daily basis. It is tall enough (at 8 feet) for any height player unlike the Brine and STX at 7 feet maximum. Good positive reviews and a reasonable price. Check it out!

Other Lacrosse Rebounders Worth Checking out

The above three bounce backs do not come cheap. However, they will last you a good amount of time. Initially, I used a soccer rebounder for lacrosse. After a couple days, I saw that the net was starting to rip (of course, it is made for soccer!). To compensate, I would throw the ball softly which does not help my skills at all. I finally opted for the better rebounders out of frustration.

However, you can surely start off with one of the bounce backs below.

Champions Sports Bounce Back Review

champions sport lacrosse bounce back target practiceThe Champions Sport Bounce Back has excellent reviews on Amazon. The product is lightweight so it does not need to be attached to the dirt ground, via stakes.

  • Adjustable angles
  • Steel frame
  • 7 feet tall – perfect height!

This product is ideal for kids who are just learning lacrosse. I have one of these now for team I coach. It is so lightweight that I bring it to practice everyday. Excellent reviews and a reasonable price of $100. Get the best price and more reviews by clicking below.

Gladiator Professional Bounce Back Review

gladiator lacrosse professional bounceThe Gladiator Bounce Back is ideal for people of any age. It has a large surface area to catch the ball for a bounce. In addition, it has these features:

  • Fully adjustable and foldable for easy of carrying and stowing away
  • Perfect for small backyards
  • Extra feature: ball returns at the same speed you threw it.

This product has the same features as some of the more expensive ones above. I have tried it personally and it is worth buying for a cheap price of $130. Check out reviews and prices below:

What Can I Do With a Lacrosse Bounce Back?

Simple answer – many things!

hit the bounce backThe most common drill is to stand still and throw the ball at the rebounder and then catch it. Other exercises include throwing at the rebounder while running and then catching it. Even more advanced is standing 30 yards away facing the bounce back, then throwing the ball at it, then running to catch the rebound, then immediately throwing it back. This repeats until you reach the bounce back.

All of these exercises will give you a good work out as well! I go to the wall for about 20-30 minutes and do the following exercises below. You can try this regime with your new lacrosse bounce back:

  • Standing still – 100 throws right hand
  • Standing still – 100 throws left hand
  • Side to side running – 50 throws right hand
  • Side to side running – 50 throws left hand
  • Standing still – 30 quick sticks per hand

This regime is more or less for beginners. Once you can master this without many drops (a couple is OK), you can do more advanced drills.

Final Thoughts

A good rebounder will last you many years. My STX has lasted me so many years that I was able to sell it to a friend of mine and get some of the initial investment back. As an added benefit, most of these rebounders can be used for other sports.

I highly recommend parents or players to get one of these for your home, or to carry with you to a local park or school. Gather some friends and practice with it. It is extremely fun and will put your lacrosse game to the next level.

I can confidently say I played at university-level because of my Lacrosse Bounce back.