Guide to the Best Mesh for Lacrosse in 2019

the best mesh for lacrosseOnce you have chosen a head for your lacrosse stick, it is important to buy the best mesh for lacrosse. In general terms, the mesh is the “string” that is attached to the lacrosse head in order to hold the ball. The mesh can be strung onto the head in different configurations to cater to different types of players. The choice of configurations is all up to the individual player and examples of different styles can be found here.

However, each player will need to buy the best mesh for lacrosse so that it can be catered to their need. Keep reading to get a good understanding of mesh.

Why is Mesh Important?

It dictates wheter your shot/pass will be made accurately or not. Buying the best mesh for lacrosse or a cheap lacrosse mesh will dictate how well you do on the field. No joke, this is true. When I first started playing, I opted for mesh from my local Big 5 sporting goods, and I could not make accurate passes. Later did I realize that it was mainly due to the mesh.

A lacrosse head and shaft can only get you to a certain level in your game, however, a proper mesh can excel you. You will have more control and accuracy when playing.

Lacrosse mesh can be purchased in many different styles: colors, shapes, and even sizes. Below we will discuss what are the three different types of the best lacrosse mesh.

The THREE Types of Lacrosse Mesh

Their are three types of mesh a player can choose from. We summarize them below for you:

  • Soft Mesh – this mesh type is perfect for beginner players. It allows for easy cradling of the ball. I used to personally use this mesh, however, living in the Pacific Northwest, the intense rain would make the mesh droop when wet. When the mesh gets wet, it can be difficult to make accurate shots and passes.
  • Hard Mesh – As an alternative, I moved over to hard mesh, which is the most widely used type of mesh out there. One of the benefits is that it holds its shape regardless of weather conditions. However, a new stringing of mesh takes time to “break in” but once it is ready, it is awesome!
  • Traditional Mesh – Traditional mesh requires a different level of expertise. It is not great in the rain but many players swear by it. It can be customized for different needs of players. You can check out some custom traditional mesh pictures here.

The Best Mesh for Lacrosse

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East Coast Dyes Lacrosse HeroMesh Review

By far, Easy Coast Dyes is THE best lacrosse accessory brand out there creating the best mesh out there. Their HeroMesh is weatherproof and it will not change its shape in rain or hot weather. This means you can string it any way you would like to get the best performance.

This HeroMesh also comes with East Coast Dye’s special weaving pattern (HyperWave) so that the “diamonds” on the mesh stay consistent and tight. The major benefit of this mesh is the combination of soft and hard mesh, i.e. semi-soft mesh. With soft mesh, you can get the perfect hold and control and with hard-mesh, you get to hold the shape throughout a game. The semi-soft mesh can get best of both worlds into the best mesh for lacrosse. Highly recommended!

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The Best Lacrosse Mesh Kit

Jimalax Hard Mesh Lacrosse Stringing Kit Review

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Jimalax is one of the first lacrosse mesh manufactures in the market. They have excellent line of products. The Jimalax stringing kit can get you started with your first stringing. It comes with the mesh, strings, and everything else needed. Specifically, it comes with:

  • Jimalax mesh
  • Shooting Laces (3 pieces in white color)
  • 9 feet Sidewall/Topstring (white color)
  • Ball Stop
  • and Screw

The kit includes everything to get you started from scratch. Note that is a hard mesh (which I recommend over soft mesh) and it will give you the most control.

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Other Necessary Mesh Accessories

If you opt to choose a mesh without the kit, you will need some other items such as laces and sidwall string. The East Coast Dyes has their [easyazon_link identifier=”B00XYNTE16″ locale=”US” tag=”paulmeac21-20″]HeroStrings kit[/easyazon_link] with all the necessary items. You will need to buy their HeroMesh and their HeroStrings kit. Check it out.

Final Thoughts

I am a big fan of East Coast Dyes, and so are many lacrosse players in the game (even professionals). The best mesh for lacrosse is definitely the HeroMesh and then partnered with the HeroString kit. Together, you are ready to string (or pay someone) your lacrosse head.

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