The Best Lacrosse Cleats for Men and Women in 2018

Lacrosse players, at any position, need to be swift-footed, agile and able to change directions in an instant. And, these athletes need to stop on a dime and take off at a moment’s notice. Consequently, the best lacrosse cleats can help with that. First of all, whether a player is on attack or defense, the […]

The 3 Best Lacrosse Pads in 2018

Maverik Lacrosse M3 Elbow Pad - the Best Lacrosse Elbow Pad on the Market

Lacrosse is a physical sport. Players need to be protected to prevent injuries and keep themselves playing longer. After all, you’re no help to your team if you are sitting on the bench with an injury. That protection, as many players know, comes at a cost. You’re weighed down, your natural range of motion is […]