Best Middie Lacrosse Head of 2019

Personally, my position is a midfielder (or also known as a middie). By far, it is one of the toughest positions in the game due to the amount of stamina required to run back and forth to cover the field, and also the responsibilities. If the middie does not return back to the defensive half, then most likel the other team will score. In short, it is an important position and with it the player needs to use the best middie lacrosse head products available in the market.  This requires having the best middie lacrosse head you can have, and we’re here to help you get it.

How to choose a Midfielders Lacrosse Head?

parts of a lacrosse headA lacrosse head for a midfielder must be stiffness, lightweight, and “skinny”. While all positions are expected to scoop up the ball, the midfielder is the position that picks up the most loose balls. The best midfield lacrosse head must include the following traits:


The lacrosse head must be lightweight because the player must be apple to cradle the ball, pass quickly, and at the same time, extract as much power as possible when shooting. If you opt to purchase a cheap lacrosse head than it will be heavy. This will take away from the amount of power you can generate from shooting thus decreasing the speed.


The lacrosse head must have enough stiffness while being lightweight. The strength will allow the player to strike other players to try and get the ball. It will allow scooping up the ball. Too many times, I have seen lacrosse players’ heads just break because another player hit the plastic too hard. It is crucial to buy the best middie lacrosse head to avoid such situations.

“Skinny” Head

This is important. Check out the image of the parts of a lacrosse head above. I refer the skinny part as the place where the ball sites when cradling. If this part is not “skinny” enough then cradling will be difficult when players on the field are actively attempting to get the ball released. If the head is skinny, then the ball with stay snuggly in. An awesome feature to have to make you a better player, of course, legally!

How much should I spend on the Best Middie Lacrosse Head?

Good question! If you take my word for it, I believe investing in a good lacrosse head is crucial. Typically, a price of around $100 or more would get you an excellent head. When I first started playing lacrosse back when I was 17 years old, I bought a cheap “Big 5 Sporting Goods” lacrosse stick. Within a month of playing, I realized I was being limited as a player. Then eventually my head cracked and thus the entire investment was a waste.

Take away note: Invest in a good midfield lacrosse head!

Best Middie Lacrosse Head that You Should Consider!

I recommend two brands as developing the best lacrosse heads: Warrior and Mavericks. I have used them for the past 10 years. Check out the two heads below:

Warrior Evo 4X Lacrosse Head Review

warrior evo 4x is the best middie lacrosse head available todayIf you are familiar with the original Warrior Evo, it was the best lacrosse head for midfield players. The Warrior Evo 4X is the re-engineered lacrosse head that has been significantly improved. In this head, Warrior has added SYMRAIL Technology which not only reduces weight but adds more holes in the sidewall so that the player can customize the stringing further.

The head weighs at an average of 4.6 oz, making it one of the lightest heads in the game. It is well-made for offensive minded players – so great for middies.

The Warrior Evo 4x has been engineering for the excellent balance of stiffness and feel. This head is legal and perfect of all levels of players – middle school, university, to even professional.

Mavericks Lacrosse Optik Universal Head Review

While not as good as the Warrior Evo 4X, this is an amazing head! This lacrosse head is well-designed for offensive players. It is one of the lightest yet stiffest head on the market. This results in increased speed for every shot you take. In addition, this head is made in the USA, which is a plus to guarantee quality.

It has a dual design scoop so that when the player goes for ground balls, they can get the most surface area touching the grass (or turf). In addition, and most importantly (at least for me), is the skinny throat. When running fast, this narrow throat can really help you keep the ball protected. As for stringing, this head has 17 holes providing you with plenty of customized stringing options.

All in all, it can be seen as the best middie lacrosse head.

Final Thoughts

A lacrosse head can instantly make you a better player. While skill is THE most important, a lacrosse head can give you greater control, protection, and speed increase in shooting. Even in sports, technology is important. So if you are trying to improve your game, check out the lacrosse heads listed above since they are the best middie lacrosse head products available today. Then, also make sure to check out our detailed guide on the best mesh for lacrosse (which is the next step after buying a head).