Best Lacrosse Shaft for Attack Players in 2019

best lacrosse shaft for attack playersIn a lacrosse stick, their are two essential components: the head and the shaft. Whereas it can be argued that the head is the most important since it does catching, passing, shooting, and cradling, the shaft is just as important. As a player myself, I prefer a lacrosse shaft that is strong, lightweight, with enough grip that I could have control. I played many years in the attack/midfield position on the field and realized that once I purchased the best lacrosse shaft for attack, it made a world of a difference. I am going to explain why in this article.

Why get the Best Lacrosse Shaft for Attack?

It is simple. Attack players are expected to score goals. That is their main objective. I like to think of the lacrosse stick as an extension of the body. The player must have finnesse control over the stick in order to maneuver around the defense, and get an open shot.

Some Notes about Lacrosse Shafts in 2015

Note that a typical attack shaft is 30 inches. A defensive shaft is much longer. I see people making the mistake where they buy a defense shaft and then cut it. However, this is a mistake. Attack shafts are specially made by the manufacturer.

Also, many shafts today have grip. Depending on the shaft, grip is either pre-placed on the shaft or added post production. I remember when I first started playing, we would tape our shafts. Nowadays, this is uncesssary because manufacturers already take care of it as of 2015. However, this is a personal choice.

Traits of the Best Attack Lacrosse Shafts

Now, let’s get into it. The best lacrosse shaft for attack players must contain the following traits: lightweight, durability, and an excellent handle shape.


I prefer a very lightweight shaft. As an offensive player, you are expected to be fast on your feet and with your hands. Over the course of a game, fatigue builds up in your shoulders and arms from the consistent cradling. With a lightweight shaft, this fatigue will be reduced giving you the maximum power with your shots when you need it. Invest in the best attack lacrosse shaft so that you can obtain these benef


best handle shape for lacrosse shaftI cannot stress this enough. Your attack shaft must be durable. Attack players get the most cross checks and hits to their body and stick compared to any other position on the field. What would happen if your shaft obtained a dent in the middle of the game? Not good at all. A proper shaft should be made out of proper metals, such as carbon fiber, composite alloys, etc. My rule of thumb is that if you spend more than $100, you will get a shaft that is made out of such metals. However, spending $20, you will get a cheaply made shaft.

Handle Shape

This is important on the field. Handle shape is the way the shaft is cut. Many handle shapes exist as shown in the image. I like the octagonal shape, as it is the most common and gives the best handling. The best way to figure which is right for you is to try them all out. However, I personally recommend the octagonal shape. Most of your fellow teammates will be using it as well.

Check out the video below on how to choose the correct stick:

Best Lacrosse Shaft for Attack Players

1. Maverik Lacrosse Union Attack Shaft Review

maaverik lacrosse union attack shaft review

Maverik, one of the best lacrosse brands, has developed a state-of-the-art attack lacrosse shaft, the Union. The metal used is scandium titanium resulting in extra light and strong attack shaft.

The Union shaft also has an adjustable butt end that is called the ABE. This allows the player to adjust the end and the handle so it fits the player perfectly. A useful feature.

2. Epoch Firefly Attack Shaft Review

epoch firefly is the best lacrosse shaft for attackThis is a relatively new company. It did not exist when I started playing about 6-7 years ago. However, they are making their mark with excellent lacrosse products. The Epoch Firefly is one of a few shafts that are built with Carbon Figure, one of the lightest production metals in the world.

This has a sandpaper grip so it gives you excellent feel. Also seen it is made out of carbon fiber, the shaft actually flexes. This is extremely useful when about to shoot the ball. It gives you additional power. With its price point, it challenges the aluminum alloy-based lacrosse attack shafts. Personally, I would buy a this carbon fiber shaft over a aluminum shaft!

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, I truly believe investing in the best lacrosse shaft for attack will enhance your game. Remember that nothing will ever beat pure practice and hard work. You must play wall ball to get your skills up. If you are looking a boost, the Maverik Lacrosse Union and Apoch FireFly can truly increase your game.

Also, your lacrosse stick is also a “fashion” on the field. Players talk about their different equipment, especially their stick. Why not rock the best looking stick? Check out the best attack lacrosse shaft products! After you have chosen your shaft, make sure to choose the best lacrosse heads as well.