The 2 Best Lacrosse Helmets in 2019

What are the Best Lacrosse Helmets?

So, what are the best lacrosse helmets? At a glance, the best lacrosse helmets are:

Helmet Pros Cons Explore More Here!
Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet Complete protection...HardTail SPRfit is adjustable...Lots of color options Can be expensive if you want to customize it
STX Stallion 575 Lacrosse Helmet Very affordable...Layers of protection...More customizable fit May be in short supply...Not as many color or design options

Read on to see why…

Your head is the most precious part of your body. And, more research surfacing on concussions in sports. Buying the best lacrosse helmet has never been more critical than it is now. The last thing you should need to worry about on the field is the protection of your head. You need the best lacrosse helmet for you or the best youth lacrosse helmet for your younger player. You shouldn’t have to worry. This means that having the right helmet also means having peace of mind that you are playing safely.stx stallion 500 is one of the best lacrosse helmets on the market

Most importantly, this buyer’s guide intends to equip you, the player, with the knowledge required to make the right purchasing decision on a helmet that will have the right fit for you. First, you can’t overstate the importance of having the best lacrosse helmet for you. Next, you want to be sure that you’re getting one of the best lacrosse helmets or youth lacrosse helmets available that will protect the precious cargo inside.

Further, you may also be looking for one of the best lacrosse helmet visors. The lacrosse helmet visor is typically purchased in addition to the best lacrosse helmets and helps to protect a player’s eyes. Having a lacrosse visor isn’t necessary. But many players wouldn’t play without one. The lacrosse visor is an accessory that not only provides protection but can also increase your level of play.

What to Look for In the Best Lacrosse Helmets

Protection is paramount when it comes to the best lacrosse helmets. And really, any lacrosse helmet from youth lacrosse helmets to those used by professionals. Many factors set the best lacrosse helmets for safety apart from the rest. These factors include visibility, fit and even color. You need to weigh each of these when selecting the best lacrosse helmet for you.


The ability to see out of your lacrosse helmet is a factor second only to protection. If you can’t see well out of a given helmet, it is apparently not the best lacrosse helmet for you. The good thing is that if your helmet is sized correctly, visibility issues are virtually nonexistent.

You want protection. But, you also need as much visibility on the field as possible. The more of the field you can see, the better you can read the opposing team’s offensive or defensive strategies. It also allows you to find more teammates to create passing and scoring opportunities. The best lacrosse helmets shouldn’t block your visions.


To have excellent visibility, you need your helmet to fit correctly. The best lacrosse helmet for any given player is the one that fits as well as it protects.

First of all, if a helmet is too snug, it can be very uncomfortable and restricting. Further, helmets that are too tight can cause irritation and additional sweating due to heat build-up. As a result, n ill-fitting helmet, no matter the brand, is not the best lacrosse helmet for you.


Many of the game’s top helmets feature vents that allow cool air to enter the helmet and flow around the head. During a day game in the peak of summer or an all-day tournament, this cooling air will be a feature that you won’t want to go without.

Additionally, proper helmet ventilation can help control sweat and reduce any irritation helmet wearing may cause on the skin and scalp. Thus, the best lacrosse helmets may have a modular vent system as well, allowing you to alter how the vents work or where they are.


The color of a lacrosse helmet doesn’t affect performance, comfort, or protection. But, some players like to customize their best lacrosse helmets with team colors or for personal flair. Some brands offer more color options than others. A high level of personalization is necessary for the best lacrosse helmets for many players.


Again, the first thing to look for in the best lacrosse helmets is protection. This is usually in the form of an ABS plastic shell, impact-resistant foam padding and other protective features. Furthermore, some brands go above and beyond with their helmet’s shielding to try and reduce any possible chance for a head injury. Consequently, the best lacrosse helmets for protection as well as the best youth lacrosse helmets will all have these three factors in spades.


Without a doubt, the shell is the largest part of a lacrosse helmet. The shell of the best lacrosse helmets should consist of the most durables plastics and resist sudden and intense impact. Sizing affects the shell of a helmet. Youth lacrosse helmet shells typically only come in one-size-fits-all.


The cage is the front part of the helmet that looks like, well, a cage. This is also called a “facemask.” The best lacrosse helmet for you will have a cage with an adequately fitted chin guard, length, and overall fit. Choosing a cage with larger holes may increase the risk of injury. Wearing an optional lacrosse helmet visor may reduce that risk.


The foam component of a helmet is more important than it may appear at first glance. Some helmets may contain foam that will “expire” and protect less efficiently after that expiration date.

Without a doubt, know the type of foam or foam material in your helmet of choice and how long it will last. Foam type can help you narrow down the kinds of lacrosse helmet that is best for you. The best lacrosse helmet manufacturers make this easy. Once you have identified what material and age you’re comfortable with it should be easier to find the best lacrosse helmets.

Types of Straps and Brackets

The best lacrosse helmet for you will have the best straps and brackets for your personal taste as well. Adjustment straps on helmets are typically cloth and may have a coating. These are preferable over rubber straps. No matter how good at protecting your head it is, a helmet with rubber straps is more likely to come off. Even the best lacrosse helmet is no good if it comes off when it’s needed most.

Also, brackets and buckles are also an important thing to consider when choosing the best lacrosse helmet. Metal is a h3er material choice here, but it can also become jagged or dig into and cut the skin if pulled or struck. Plastic can be a less abrasive choice but is more likely to crack and snap over time. There is no one right answer, not even among this selection of the best lacrosse helmets.

The Best Lacrosse Helmet Visors Provide Additional Protection

Any active player needs to be careful of their eyes while playing. While a lacrosse visor can be an added step and a completely optional piece of lacrosse equipment, it can help your eyes. Occasionally during play debris may get inside of the cage on the front of the helmet, a lacrosse visor can help prevent this from entering a player’s eyes.

Lacrosse visors are typically sold independently of the best lacrosse helmets and are interchangeable. For all other applications, especially during games, a clear lacrosse visor is necessary. Individual clips will keep the visor in place. One additional thing to consider about visors is legality, discussed at the end of this guide. In the end, the best lacrosse helmet visor for you will come down to personal choices.

How Important is the NOCSAE?

If you want to find the best lacrosse helmets, you need to know about the NOCSAE. The National Operating Committee on the Standards for Athletic Equipment tests and rates the best lacrosse helmets in addition to many other types of athletic equipment. Their standards and experience can help keep you safer. All you have to do is locate a product with this seal. While not necessary, it does take some of the work out of finding the best lacrosse helmet.

Sizing the Best Lacrosse Helmet for You

Sizing the best lacrosse helmet for you is easy. All you need to do is take accurate measurements. Most helmets come in a standard or “one size fits all” size. The best lacrosse helmets are somewhat adjustable from that point.

In many cases, even after taking measurements, the easiest thing to do when deciding to pick up a new helmet is to try one on. A lousy helmet, in regard to personal taste, even if it has the reputation of being one of the best lacrosse helmets, will be easy to spot in this way.

You could do this in a shop or by borrowing the helmet of a friend. Alternatively, you could take advantage of the generous return policy offered by most online retailers of the best lacrosse helmets. No one wants you to wear an ill-fitting helmet and get injured.

Best Lacrosse Helmet Sizing for Adults

To find the best lacrosse helmet for an adult, you need to measure the head at the widest point. This is typically at the brow line or as much as 1″ above it. This is the circumference of your head and what will determine the size of the lacrosse helmet you need to find the best lacrosse helmet for you. Different brands may have different sizing charts so do check them before making a new lacrosse helmet purchase.

Youth Lacrosse Helmet Sizing

Youth lacrosse helmets do have different sizes than adult helmets with most brands. The easy part is that most youth lacrosse helmets are “one size fits all.” The downside to this is that youth helmets may be quickly outgrown or not fit, to begin with.

Further, some of the best lacrosse helmets for adults come in sizes that are smaller or equivalent to youth lacrosse helmet sizing. While youth lacrosse helmets are some of the best lacrosse helmets available, going for a non-youth specific helmet isn’t an issue. The best lacrosse helmets are the best for a reason. You won’t be any less safe if you choose to forgo a youth lacrosse helmet as long as you select one of the best lacrosse helmets overall.

Top Brands for the Best Lacrosse Helmets

There’s a lot of different brands that make lacrosse equipment. Some of these brands are lacrosse-specific companies that don’t produce material for other sports. Other brands are more recognizable, like Nike or Under Armour. Companies specific to the lacrosse space produces the majority of the top USA lacrosse helmet brands.

Warrior’s Best Lacrosse Helmets

Of all of the lacrosse-specific manufacturers, Warrior is near the top of the list in recognition and quality. This brand makes some of the best lacrosse helmets hands-down. In fact, professional and NCAA players around the country use Warrior equipment and recognize these as some of the best lacrosse helmets available.

Part of what makes the Warrior brand so compelling is their attention to player concerns and finding innovative ways to create comfortable equipment that performs. As any dedicated lacrosse player knows, comfort is critical when it comes to the best lacrosse helmets.

Warrior’s Best Lacrosse Helmets Are:

  • Warrior EVO Lacrosse Helmet
  • Warrior Regulator Helmet

STX’s Best Lacrosse Helmets

Next, to Warrior, STX is the next largest and recognizable lacrosse brand (they also deal in ice and field hockey equipment). Though not a lacrosse specialist, STX has proven that they can create some of the best lacrosse helmets. They boast “over 1 million custom combinations” between all of their color, logo and other aesthetic choices. You can genuinely make a helmet your own with this system. For any lacrosse player that wants to stand out, this is the place to customize the best lacrosse helmet for you.

STX’s Best Lacrosse Helmets Are:

  • STX Rival Helmet
  • STX Stallion 600 Helmet
  • STX Stallion 575 Helmet

Cascade’s Best Lacrosse Helmets

There are sports equipment companies, there are lacrosse equipment companies, and then there is a lacrosse helmet company. Then there is the best company for producing the best lacrosse helmets consistently.

Cascade focuses specifically on making protective, customizable and high-performance lacrosse helmets. These are some of the best lacrosse helmets in the world. The lacrosse helmet Cascade focus has allowed the company to become a dominant force in the best lacrosse helmet market. Similar to STX, buyers can create a Cascade custom helmet by picking the various colors and other options. So, again, if STX isn’t your brand of choice and you want genuinely fantastic customization options, Cascade may offer the best lacrosse helmet for you.

In addition to this selection of the best lacrosse helmets available, Cascade also offers specific youth lacrosse helmets. However, as stated above, choosing to pick up a standard lacrosse helmet like these listed here rather than a youth lacrosse helmet is also a good choice. The sizing standards for these best lacrosse helmets are often more precise.

Cascade’s Best Lacrosse Helmets Are:

  • Cascade CPX R Lacrosse Helmet
  • Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet
  • Cascade S Helmet
  • Cascade Women’s LX Lacrosse Helmet

Our Top Picks for the Best Lacrosse Helmets

Finding the right piece of equipment is no easy task, especially when it is a helmet that is responsible for protecting your head. You want the best lacrosse helmet. The best lacrosse helmet is what will keep you safe time and time again.

You want to be sure that you’ve chosen a helmet that is comfortable, offers a good line of sight, protects your head and isn’t going to break your bank. You want to find the best lacrosse helmet for you. To make your hunt a little easier, we’ve compiled some of our favorite helmets out of all the best lacrosse helmets available and broken them down with a detailed description.

1.) Cascade R Helmet

Overview of the Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet

The Cascade R helmet hits every note that a player could want from headgear. This is one of the best lacrosse helmets from Cascade. It’s protective, comfortable to wear with a good fit, and the R helmet has improved sight lines for optimal visibility. If you want an upgrade from any helmet that you feel limits your visibility, this could be the best lacrosse helmet for you.

The engineers at Cascade understand that not every impact is the same. Thus, they designed the Seven Technology liner system and PoronXRD Foam. According to Cascade, the liner is a “ground-breaking impact attenuation system designed to manage energy transfer from direct, high-energy impacts more effectively.” The protective PoronXRD Foam adds another layer of defense that handles lower energy impacts. Even the outer SuperMono R Shell is specially designed and sculpted to reduce frontal impacts for peak protection and makes this one of the best lacrosse helmets.

Cascade could have stopped there and just made a protective helmet, but they understand that players need more. They wanted to make the best lacrosse helmet they could. The SuperMono R Shell is also built with a ventilation system for a more cooling head and a balance point that keeps the player’s head centered and not uncomfortably weighted to one side.

A Glance at Why the Stand Out

The other remarkable feature of Cascade’s lacrosse helmet R model is the fit. Three jaw pads encase the lower portion of the player’s head in fuller protection. This padding and the fit of the Cascade R helmet can adjust through the HardTail SPRfit dial that allows you to change the helmet’s fit on the move. Few helmets offer adjustment this easy. If you need this feature, this could be the best lacrosse helmet for you. This same feature exists in other Cascade products, like the CPXR lacrosse helmet.

The mask of the Cascade R has excellent sight lines for good vision on the field. It’s lightweight, so there’s no unnecessary weight towards the front of your face. Plus, the bottom of the mask is an ear-to-chin guard for even more protection. You don’t get this with the Cascade CPX R helmet, so if this is a feature you need, this is the best lacrosse helmet for you.

You can have total control over the colors and design of your helmet if you choose the Cascade R Helmet Custom option. The site’s Cascade lacrosse helmet customizer tool has many styles and color options to pick from and is easy to use. It’s also good to note that Cascade has a wide range of helmet sizes, many that are compatible with youth lacrosse helmet needs. Either way, Cascade produces many of the world’s best lacrosse helmets.


  • Complete protection from the bottom of the chin to the very top of the head
  • HardTail SPRfit dial can adjust on the move, so you always have the fit you want
  • Lots of color options and customization available for a unique look


  • A Cascade lacrosse helmet can be a significant investment, especially if you customize it
  • There is no Cascade R girls’ lacrosse helmet

Key Features

  • HardTail SPRfit dial
  • SuperMono R Shell
  • PoronXRD Foam
  • Seven Technology liner system


Cascade understands this and has put protective features into every part of the custom R lacrosse helmet. You’ll practically feel like you’re wearing a lacrosse goalie helmet, that’s how protective this product is. This is the best lacrosse helmet for those that want superior customization and protection all in one place.

Who the Cascade R Helmet Is Good For

Adult, male players that are serious about the game and willing to spend the money on high-quality equipment are the primary wearers of this helmet. Simply, this is one of the best lacrosse helmets out there for adult men.

One of the most significant drawbacks to the Cascade R or CPX R helmet is that they aren’t suited for women’s leagues or youth players. That said, if you want a boys’ lacrosse helmet, the Cascade CS youth lacrosse helmet is an excellent alternative, and you get some of that high-quality design in the R or CPXR helmet.

Customer Reviews


“Cascade makes a great helmet, as good as they advertise.” Customer


“Easily the best looking helmet on the market today. However, it isn’t as comfortable as the Cascade CPX-R lacrosse helmet.” Lacrosse Monkey Customer


“Even though I changed the side pieces [HardTail SPRfit dial], it’s a tad tight on my head when putting it on.”

Shop Cascade “R” helmet here.

2.) STX Stallion 575 Adult Lacrosse Helmet

Overview of The STX Stallion 575 Helmet

The STX Stallion is a yearly favorite helm. The 575 is one of 2017’s top models. The newer Stallion 600 helmet is out for 2018. And, the upside is that there aren’t a lot of differences between these helmets. And, you can now find the 575 lacrosse helmet for sale at lower prices.

Schutt is the partner production company for this best lacrosse helmet. And, this company has a reputation for making football helmets, which are some of the toughest around, especially with new concussion safety protocols.

The polycarbonate shell and liner system combine with an adjustable EVA foam jaw padding and TPU cushioning to provide a complete protective helmet that gives the wearer a comfy fit. The amount of surface area that this helmet protects is impressive.

What Makes STX Unique

Aside from this foam cushioning, the Stallion 575 helmet also uses D30. This is a gel-like, lightweight material. It is soft until impact. Then, the material instantly hardens into a shell. Thus, you have flexibility when you need it and another line of protection when you need that. If you prefer a more advanced foam cushion, this is the best lacrosse helmet in the category.

Because the jaw pads are adjustable, you can achieve a better fit that suits the unique contours of your face. The last comfort feature is the SureFit Air Liner (also flexible). If you like a tight, snug helmet, you can tighten the liner. Or, loosen it and give your head a little more breathing room and air flow. The is a significant overall level of fit customization not often found in even the other best lacrosse helmets.

This product is available in white or as a black chrome helmet.


  • Much more affordable compared to the Stallion 600 or a Cascade S lacrosse helmet
  • Lots of different layers of protection for better injury prevention
  • Adjustable features allow for a more customizable fit and experience


  • The last year model that may be in short supply
  • A glaring lack of color or design options, you can’t even find a Stallion 575 navy lacrosse helmet, only black and white
  • Not the same quality as the upgraded Stallion 600 helmet

Key Features

  • SureFit Air Liner
  • D30 material
  • Adjustable EVA Jaw Pads
  • TPU cushioning


Considering the reduced price and overall quality design, the STX Stallion 575 Adult Lacrosse Helmet is great for players on a budget that don’t want to pay an elevated rate for the latest STX helmet.

Who the STX Stallion 575 Is Good For

This is the best lacrosse helmet for players on a budget that still want high-grade protection. Again, players with little to spend on new equipment will find this helmet to be a steal, regarding price. After all, not every player can shell out for a new Cascade lacrosse helmet. While the cost is low, quality is not. This helmet will stand up to hits at the adult level and will not put the wearer at frequent risk of serious injury. Because it lacks color options, it is suitable for players with a uniform that matches a black or white helmet and pairs well with a clear lacrosse visor.

Customer Reviews


“Good helmet for the price.” Customer


“Great quality.” Customer


“It runs a bit small, but worked for my son.” Customer

Shop STX Stallion here.

How to Keep Your Best Lacrosse Helmet in Optimal Condition

Keeping the best lacrosse helmets in top shape is a matter of consistency. The more you make maintenance a part of your routine, the easier and quicker the process will go. The two main components of maintaining the best lacrosse helmets are visual inspection and regular cleaning.

At its most basic, helmet maintenance means cleaning the helmet. To keep your best lacrosse helmet in the best shape possible, you must clean it with warm water and thoroughly dried both inside and out after each and every use or at least at the end of any given day.

During and after cleaning, the helmet and lacrosse visors, if you have one, you need to look over the equipment for cracks and dents. Often this requires a trip to a specialist. If a helmet or lacrosse visor receives damage beyond repair, you will need to replace it.

After inspecting for cracks and dents, you should take a look at the straps and buckles. Is anything loose, out of place, or missing? Do any of the straps look worn thin or have tears? If so, you should replace them as soon as possible.

What to Look for in the Best Lacrosse Helmet Visor

The best lacrosse helmet visors all have a few things in common. If you choose to invest in one of these lacrosse visors for safety reasons, you should check to see that they meet all of these criteria. Youth lacrosse helmet visors should follow these criteria, too.

Fog Resistance

To play your best, you need to be able to see clearly. If your visor is fogging up, that’s not going to happen. The best lacrosse helmet visors resist fog.

Impact Resistant

This condition is obvious. The best lacrosse visors for youth lacrosse helmets and any of the best lacrosse helmets listed here are impact resistant. If your visor couldn’t resist a h3, sudden impact, it would not be doing its job.

Scratch Resistance

Play and practice hard, and your lacrosse helmet visor will get scratched up. Those scratches can build and make it harder to see over time. Until you replace your lacrosse helmet visor. The best lacrosse helmets will have cages that should keep the worst threats away from your visor, but small scratches can still make a big visibility difference. Scratch resistance from base materials and coating can prevent this.

NFHS Approval Status

If you play under NFHS rules, you need your lacrosse helmet visor to be compliant. This applies to both youth and standard lacrosse helmets. The short of this criteria is that you should avoid tinted or color lacrosse visors.

Ease of Use

The best lacrosse helmets allow visors. This typically means using special clips within the helmet.

Why Lacrosse Helmet Visors are Essential

Lacrosse helmet visors, when used correctly and with the best lacrosse helmet for you will help protect your vision. They can reduce the fog that glasses can get and, as a bonus, help keep rain and sweat out of your eyes during practice and games.

What Makes a Lacrosse Helmet Visor Legal

Whether you have a youth lacrosse helmet visor or a standard-size lacrosse helmet visor, if you play under NFHS rules you need to be aware of what they consider a legal helmet visor or lacrosse visor. If you’ve invested in the best lacrosse helmet you can, you want to be able to play in it.

At its most basic, under NFHS rules, a lacrosse visor must consist of a durable, rigid material. You can wear your lacrosse visor with clear glasses but not with tinted glasses.

Tinted lacrosse helmet visors aren’t legal under any circumstances in any helmet, not even the best lacrosse helmets. Any clear lacrosse visor worn with sunglasses or other glasses with tinted lenses is also prohibited by NFHS rules.

The reason for this rule is due to safety concerns, especially in youth leagues. Even if you have the best lacrosse helmet out there, a hard check could still be cause for concern.

Safety in Acction

For example, if a player gets hit hard, they may have a concussion or other injury that medical personnel needs to check for. It’s best if the medical staff can clearly see the eyes to make a quick judgment in these cases. If a lacrosse helmet visor has a tint, that obstructs the view of a player’s eyes. The same is true for sunglasses under a lacrosse visor.

These rules apply to anyone wearing any lacrosse helmet, including a youth lacrosse helmet or the best lacrosse helmet out there, under NFHS rules.

Under NCAA rules for lacrosse helmet visors, you can wear a tinted lacrosse visor with a doctor’s note. For those with special eye conditions, a lacrosse helmet visor can be an irreplaceable piece of equipment, even more so than the best lacrosse helmet available.


Buying the best lacrosse helmet is literally just the first step in buying the right lacrosse gear, whether you start with a youth lacrosse helmet or not. And, like any sport, you need to balance protection and comfort so that you can optimize your time on the field. A lacrosse visor can help you to do just that.

So, take some time to do your research before you invest in any lacrosse equipment. After all, you are going to be spending quite a bit of time using it. It might as well be the best lacrosse helmet for you.