The 4 Best Lacrosse Gloves for Attack in 2019


What are the Best Lacrosse Gloves?

So, what are the best lacrosse gloves?  In our experience, the best lacrosse gloves are:

Gloves Pros Cons Explore More Here!
Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Gloves Textured grip...Dual density foam protection...Lots of airflow Gloves can run small...Plain design...Can't customize
STX Stallion 300 Gloves Dual density foam...Comfortable feel...Great cooling No features to enhance grip...A few color options
Easton Stealth Core Lacrosse Gloves Affordable...Impact resistant to stop injuries...Out-of-Box ready to wear Decent grip...Only in black and white
Maverik Lacrosse Rome NXT Glove Many comfort-focused features...Flexible...Lightweight Expensive...Few color options

Read on to see why…

Protection and performance – those are the two cornerstones of the best lacrosse gloves. Whether you’re buying higher end equipment, like the Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse gloves or STX Surgeon 500 gloves, or looking at the best lacrosse gloves for youth players, these two qualities are always at the top of the list.

Without the proper protective gear, you’re asking for injury. However, too much protection can impede play. You need to be able to feel the shaft of the lacrosse stick. And, you need to have a tacky grip on it at all times. Without a doubt, this is true for field players. So, finding the best lacrosse gloves for attack is a challenge. There’s no question, finding a balance between performance and protection is the key to finding that just-right, custom, best lacrosse gloves fit.

First of all, you must find a pair of high-quality lacrosse gloves in the right size. This will show you how important having the best lacrosse gloves for you is. To that end, the best lacrosse gloves for you will depend entirely on your hand shape and size as well as your play style.

Consequently, this guide will share some of our picks for some of the best lacrosse gloves on sale and some general information when buying men’s or women’s lacrosse gloves.

What to Look for In the Best Lacrosse Gloves

It’s important to know the top qualities to look for in the best lacrosse gloves. Then, you can identify both quality and find the best lacrosse gloves for you. Protection and performance are essential. But, you also want to consider specific attributes like ventilation, grip, and fit. As a result, you also need to think about how each of these elements works with the others to create the best lacrosse gloves for you.


Protective gloves are necessary to avoid injury. This is a common tactic in lacrosse. Slashes and checks to the hand can easily disrupt a play or cause a loss of ball control. So, the best lacrosse gloves have plenty of padding. This will help absorb these blows and keep your hands injury-free.

First, when you are evaluating how much padding a given pair of gloves has, you should also realize that the padding might not be evenly distributed. This is because the best lacrosse gloves for each player and position are different in design intent. The best lacrosse gloves follow design principles that prevent injury.

Most injuries of the hand sustained during a game of lacrosse will be to the thumb. Due to this fact, many of the best lacrosse gloves have extra padding in the thumb area. This is especially true the best lacrosse gloves for goalies.

Those on the attack might have a different idea of the best lacrosse gloves. Focusing on maneuverability is more important for these players. But, you still need to make sure that you have some protection and enough to prevent injuries that might keep you from playing the game altogether. In this case, you should note where you feel your hands are the most vulnerable and upgrade your gloves to the best lacrosse gloves for your play style as it evolves.


If your gloves fit too loosely, they may begin to slip off your hands and leave your wrist and lower hand vulnerable. A fit that is too tight will be uncomfortable and be constricting to the player’s natural range of motion. It may be hard to close your hand entirely with a too-tight glove. The best lacrosse gloves will allow for a snug fit that still allows you as much unrestricted movement as possible.

When trying gloves on, do be sure you can close your hand tightly around and grip your lacrosse equipment. Also, remember that new lacrosse gloves may fit a bit more snugly when they are new. Once you’ve chosen a new pair of your personal best lacrosse gloves and worn them a few times, the padding will mold a bit to the shape of your hand, improving the fit.

Typical lacrosse glove sizes are:

  • small (8-10 inches)
  • medium (12 inches)
  • large (13 inches)
  • XL (14 inches).


First, of all players sweat. Consequently, this sweat can be smelly and uncomfortable during and after a game. In addition, it can also damage the inside of the gloves if not correctly handled. Thus, ventilated gloves help wick sweat away and provide cooling airflow onto the player’s hands during play. As a result, this improves overall comfort. Without a doubt, all of the best lacrosse gloves will have superior ventilation.

To begin, in order to provide maximal protection of the hand, ventilation materials are almost always found exclusively on the palm and between the fingers or joints of the glove. Therefore, better ventilation can also mean better grip and mobility of the hand during a long game. The best lacrosse gloves will always have better airflow.


The primary function of lacrosse gloves, concerning performance, is really to supply you with good grip. So, when you have a solid grip, you can better control your stick, especially in wet weather. The best lacrosse gloves have a nice tacky palm and fingers that will help you manage your stick control.

Best Lacrosse Gloves for Goalies vs. Field Player Gloves

First of all, the best lacrosse gloves for goalies have a few distinctions that make them unique. So, for new lacrosse players looking at this guide, it can be helpful to know what features typically make up a goalie-oriented glove as the name might not tell you. However, to find the best lacrosse gloves for you, it’s important to know the differences.

Additionally, at lower levels like grade school, high school, and lower-intensity recreational these differences may not amount to much. However, the greater the skill of the players and the intensity of the game, the more a goalie needs to consider a pair of the best lacrosse gloves for their specific position.

Also, additional thumb support and sturdy wrist cuffs are the two key things to look for in the best lacrosse gloves for goalies. While some players prefer to forgo or remove their wrist cuffs altogether, the extra padding around the thumb is non-negotiable at the upper levels.

The Importance of Padding

Furthermore, for field players looking for the best lacrosse gloves, additional padding to a specific part of the hand may be on offer, but the focus is more on flexibility and endurance. For example, wrist cuffs, if offered, will typically be softer and adjustable in the best lacrosse gloves for field players. As a result, the best lacrosse gloves for these players will also be dependent on their individual play style as well as basic form, fit, and product quality.

That said, if you’re a player focused on attack, goalie-oriented gloves and designs are most likely something you can safely ignore. If that is the case, the gloves focused on here should fit the bill nicely as the best lacrosse glove selection for your position and play style.

Top Brands of Lacrosse Gloves

Once you know where to find the best prices and lacrosse gloves clearance sales at, your next step is knowing what brands to buy from. In other words, you want to know who makes the best lacrosse gloves.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Nike

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone unfamiliar with the Nike brand and logo. This is a brand commonly affiliated with the best in sports equipment, including the best lacrosse gloves. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Nike lacrosse gloves are a popular choice. In fact, the Nike Vapor Gloves were “best sellers” for three years in a row. Players loved the soft yet protective feel of their gloves.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Nike Are:

  • Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Gloves
  • Nike Vapor Gloves Lacrosse

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Under Armour

Under Armour has some of the best lacrosse gloves running the price and age spectrums. You can find high-end gloves with hyper-protective foam padding and optimal grip. On the other hand, you can also shop for Under Armour youth gloves with fewer performance-enhancing features but a much lower price. The Under Armour Sub Zero gloves are a popular option for women. Thus, Under Armour has options in every category best lacrosse gloves category and enough variety for all players, no matter the league or level.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Under Armour Are:

  • UA Biofit Lacrosse Gloves
  • Under Armour Engage Lacrosse Gloves
  • Under Armour Boys’ Nextgen Lacrosse Gloves

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Brine

Brine may not have the brand recognition like Under Armour or Nike, but they are a popular option when it comes to the best lacrosse gloves. Brine gloves have exceptional flexibility and backhand protection. Brine also allows buyers to customize the color scheme of their lacrosse gloves so that you can match any uniform, team colors or personal color preference imaginable. You can even customize Brine goalie gloves to create the truly best lacrosse gloves for any goalie.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Brine include:

  • Brine King Gloves
  • Brine Clutch Elite Lacrosse Gloves

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Warrior

Warrior is a favorite, lacrosse-focused brand for a lot of equipment, including lax gloves. They are a top manufacturer of high-performance equipment in the lacrosse industry. The quality of their glove designs is evident in their careful planning. This attention to detail makes them a manufacturer of some of the best lacrosse gloves.

Some of the top athletes in the lacrosse world rely on Warrior equipment. This alone may be enough to convince you that Warrior produces some of the best lacrosse gloves in the world. Similar to Brine, you can create Warrior custom gloves with your own unique color pattern allowing you to take your best lacrosse glove style to the next level.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Warrior Are:

  • Warrior Evo Gloves
  • Warrior Regulator Gloves
  • Warrior Burn Gloves

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Maverik

Maverik offers three sets of equipment for their players. The Rome set is the most popular and used by most players, providing balance and scoring our recommendation for one of the best lacrosse glove picks for Maverik. The Maybach set has more protection and is a set of the best lacrosse gloves and equipment according to many goalies. The last set is the youth equipment, for younger players that want to start off with protective and comfortable equipment.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from Maverik Are:

  • Rome Maverik Lacrosse Gloves
  • M3 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves
  • Youth Charger Maverik Lacrosse Gloves

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from STX

This lacrosse equipment company has arguably one of the most extensive selections of the best lacrosse gloves out there. Every player has their own unique preferences, especially with how their gloves fit, or the style that they prefer. By offering a wide range of products, STX ensures that there is a pair of STX’s best lacrosse gloves to meet any preference or player and help them to select the best lacrosse gloves for themselves.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves from STX Are:

  • STX Stallion HD Gloves
  • STX Surgeon 500 Gloves
  • STX Shield 500 Gloves

Our Top Picks for the Best Lacrosse Gloves

The last part of this guide will give you a few options for the best lacrosse gloves from some of the top brands just mentioned. These product overviews aren’t listed in any particular order and are our selection of some of the best lacrosse gloves on the market.

1.) Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Glove

Overview of The Warrior Regulator Gloves

The Regulator lacrosse gloves deliver on the two principles behind a successful pair of gloves: protection and performance. The price isn’t too high and near the same as the Maverik’s Burn gloves.

For protection, these gloves feature dual-density foam padding. This material helps absorb impact but isn’t too heavy to slow the player down. The protection even extends down to the base of the wrist for complete shielding. For any player where lightweight materials are a must, this design is easily one of the best lacrosse glove designs.

The performance of the Warrior Maverik Regulator Lite gloves is thanks to the textured Nash palm. With a textured grip, the player can control and hold on to their stick more proficiently.

Ventilation is also a vital quality of the Warrior Regulator Gloves. Warrior’s Truvents and WarTech Moisture Management Liner create a sweat-free, cool environment for the hands inside these gloves. This makes them a h3 candidate for the best lacrosse gloves currently available.


  • Textured grip for improved stick control
  • Dual-density foam protection
  • Lots of moisture wicking and airflow for little-to-no sweat build up


  • Gloves stop at the medium size, which means they won’t fit most adults.
  • Plain design that may not satisfy some players
  • Not able to customize it like the Warrior EVO gloves

Key Features

  • Dual-density foam
  • WarTech Moisture Management Liner
  • Truvent Technology
  • Textured Nash Palm


The Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Gloves have all of the qualities that a lacrosse player would look for: grip, protection, ventilation and a price that isn’t as high as other gloves. In short, these are the best lacrosse gloves for players looking for value as well as performance.

Who the Warrior Regulator Lite Gloves Are Good For

If you don’t mind the lackluster design, the Warrior Regulator gloves are a good option for most advanced youth players, especially those that like a well-ventilated glove. They may not have quite the same level of features as the Warrior EVO gloves, but the lower price and smaller sizing may be better suited for a younger player’s needs.

Customer Reviews


“Nice fit and performs well; all around good lacrosse glove.” Amazon Customer


“Best lacrosse gloves that my family of boys have used.”  Amazon Customer

Shop Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Glove here

2.) STX Stallion 300 Gloves

Overview of STX Stallion 300 Gloves

Comfort and protection are the highlights of the STX Stallion 300 lacrosse gloves. Their price isn’t too high either, which is a significant benefit to players that don’t want to spend a lot on a quality pair of the best lacrosse gloves.

Dual-density foam protects hands. And a polyethylene shell protects around the finger stalls. This complete, protective system is excellent for reducing impacts felt by the player’s hands.

The STX Stallion gloves deliver enhanced comfort through seamless vents on the gloves’ palm. This helps keep the hands cool and dry, which is a not forgotten luxury in hot, day games or during long tournaments. This makes these gloves a h3 contender for the best lacrosse gloves with advanced ventilation.

The Ax Suede palm is comfortable and built to last, but it lacks the textured grip of gloves like the Warrior Regulator Lite.


  • Dual-density foam pairs with a polyethylene shell for maximum protection
  • Ax Suede palm reinforces the gloves with a comfortable feel
  • Seamless vents to create a cooling airflow inside the lacrosse gloves


  • There are no features to enhance the grip
  • Not available in an XL size
  • A few color options, but not all may be available

Key Features

  • Ax Suede palm
  • Seamless ventilation
  • Dual-density palm


The STX Stallion 300 Gloves are a midrange option. It’s the right mix of quality and affordability. It has better features than some cheap lacrosse gloves but still has a reasonable price.

Who the STX Stallion 300 Gloves Are Good For

These are the best lacrosse gloves for intermediate players. They have a lot of the quality materials you’d expect from the very best lacrosse gloves but lack the grip that professional players look for.

Customer Reviews


“Fit as expected, well made.” Amazon Customer


“Comfortable and are good at protecting, but they take some time to break in.” Lacrosse Monkey Customer


“They take too long to break in and, during that time, they are very uncomfortable.” Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer

Shop STX Lacrosse Stallion 300 Gloves here

3.) Easton Stealth Core 12-Inch Lacrosse Gloves

Overview of Easton Stealth Core Gloves

Easton has been moving out of the lacrosse industry. And, the Stealth Core Gloves may be the last product they make for this sport. Despite their departure from lacrosse, their sporting equipment is nothing less than some of the best available. This also means they’ve produced some of the best lacrosse gloves.

A thin but protective layer of EVA foam absorbs player impacts and shields the wearer’s hands from checks and slashes. The flared, tri-cuff wrist extends this shielding just past the wrist. If you are looking for the best lacrosse gloves for full-coverage protection, then these may be what you are looking for.

The micro-fiber palm of the Stealth Core gloves is comfortable, for a good feel, and decent grip. According to one Amazon review, the gloves are comfortably broken in right out of the box, so you don’t have to spend any time getting comfortable in these gloves. If you’re looking for that lived-in feel right away, these may be the best lacrosse gloves for you.

These gloves are the most affordable to make our list of picks.


  • Priced affordably
  • EVA form is impact-resistant and helps to prevent hand/wrist injuries
  • Out-of-box ready to wear


  • Has fair grip, but not at the level that some players want
  • Lower priced equipment often means poorer quality
  • Only available in black/white

Key Features

  • EVA foam
  • Tri-cuff wrist protection
  • Micro-fiber palm


While Easton may be leaving the lacrosse equipment space, they are leaving behind a good product. These gloves offer a good amount of protection, decent grip, and an immediate fit. Many vendors have these gloves discounted heavily. Due to their high quality and reputation as some of the best lacrosse gloves available, this alone may be tempting enough to warrant looking into them.

Who the Easton Stealth Core Lacrosse Gloves Are Good For

If you want a pair of the best lacrosse gloves that are affordable and purely protective, the Easton Stealth Core lacrosse gloves are the right choice. They may not have all of the features and qualities of the most expensive lacrosse gloves, but they are a reasonable glove for players that want a lower price and don’t need a very advanced pair of gloves but still need one of the best lacrosse glove types for this price point.

Customer Reviews


“Really good protection and a really good price.” Amazon Customer


“Allows for a good range of motion while wearing.” Amazon Customer


“Lower cost, lower quality — thumb ripped the fabric within minutes of putting them on.” Amazon Customer

Shop Easton Stealth Core Lacrosse Gloves (Black/White) here

4.) Maverik Lacrosse Rome NXT Glove

Overview of Maverik Rome Gloves

While these Maverik gloves are not the ultra-protective M3 lacrosse gloves, they still offer plenty of protection and high flexibility, comfort, and grip. This makes them an excellent choice for the best lacrosse gloves on value and level of protection as well as comfort.

These Maverik Rome gloves feature a slash guard on the forefinger. And the thumb hinge contains Shark Gel, a material that hardens on impact and is in some of the best lacrosse gloves. This keeps the gloves ultra-flexible until they need to be protective.

XFOAM impact resistant padding shields the rest of the hand from harm. This padding is lightweight, as all of the best lacrosse gloves should be, so the gloves don’t keep a player from moving as quickly as they naturally would.

The DuraStretch fabric of the gloves is design to be breathable and enhanced by the moisture-wicking Thermoblast liner. By keeping sweat and moisture out, this helps to ensure that the player’s grip isn’t compromised. With this, you have a high level of innovation in a single pair of the best lacrosse gloves from Maverik.


  • Many different comfort-focused features to keep the gloves cool and dry
  • XFOAM and Shark Gel blend protection and flexibility together
  • Lightweight design and features mean the gloves don’t restrict the player’s movements


  • An expensive price tag that casual players and those focused on value may not want to pay
  • It can be hard to find a lot of color options for these gloves

Key Features

  • XFOAM padding
  • Shark Gel
  • Thermoblast liner
  • DuraStretch fabric


These gloves don’t have a lot of drawbacks, aside from their price. When you are willing to pay more money, you’re often going to get a better-quality product. And that is precisely the case here. These are some of the best lacrosse gloves you can buy.

Who the Maverik Rome NXT Gloves Are Good For

Considering that the primary drawback of these gloves is their price, the Maverik Rome lacrosse gloves are suitable for players that don’t mind spending a little extra to get some added quality and features in their gloves to create the best lacrosse gloves for them and their individual playing style. The flexible but protective nature of these gloves is sought after by individual players that don’t want their hands to feel restricted at all. When it comes to comfort and flexibility, these are the best lacrosse gloves available from this brand and in this class.

Customer Reviews


“Some of the best gloves ever with so much control. They are awesome.” Amazon Customer


“Great gloves for my 11 son.” Amazon Customer

Shop Maverik Lacrosse Rome NXT Gloves here

Lacrosse Glove Maintenance

If you’re going to spend the time and money to get the best pair of lacrosse gloves you can find, you should take the time to take care of them. It’s important to remember that your gloves will feel their best and protect your hands better when properly maintained. This will also help you make your investment in your pair of the best lacrosse gloves go a little further.

Lacrosse glove maintenance, no matter the glove or style and even for the best lacrosse gloves, doesn’t take too much extra time. To keep your best lacrosse gloves performing well you need to make sure they’re clean and conditioned. How depends on the material used to make up your gloves.

Nylon gloves are the easiest to keep. They require regular washing to prevent bacteria and mold away but not much else. For many, this is a key component in deciding if all-nylon gloves are key to their ideal pair of the best lacrosse gloves.

Gloves with leather components, however, take a bit more time to hand wash and must regularly have conditioner applied to stay the best lacrosse gloves they can be. Gloves with leather components that are not conditioned will begin to stiffen and wear out much sooner than they otherwise would. If your idea of the best lacrosse gloves has leather components, schedule the maintenance time.

Breaking In New Lacrosse Gloves

If you’ve been looking for the best lacrosse gloves, you want them to feel their best. While a pair of the best lacrosse gloves will feel better out of the box than a cheaper pair, they will still need some breaking in.

The best way to break in a new pair of lacrosse gloves and make them the best lacrosse gloves for you is to practice in them. While some people may advocate soaking the gloves, running them over with a car, or stomping on them to get them at their best- please don’t. The proper way to break in new gloves, so they fit just right is to practice in them.

After a few hard practices, at home or on the field, your best lacrosse gloves should start to feel slightly more relaxed and easier to move in. If the gloves still feel a little too tight after a few long practice sessions, you may need to work with them for a bit longer and be patient. It will be worth it once your gloves start to feel like a second skin- proof that you’ve chosen the best lacrosse gloves possible.

It’s better to have more protection than less. And that should be a guiding principle while you choose the best lacrosse gloves for you. Gloves meant for lacrosse goalies may also take a little extra time to break in and feel “used” due to the placement of the padding.

Upgrading Your Lacrosse Gloves Can Make a Difference

The best lacrosse gloves for you won’t be the same as they would be for your best friend or teammate. Everyone has a style of play unique to them. Your best pair of lacrosse gloves may have greater mobility and ventilation at the expense of padding. Then again, your pair of the best lacrosse gloves may have additional padding in the thumb and wrist regions if you’re a more defensive player.

Neither of these approaches is wrong. Choosing to upgrade your equipment to a newer version or a pair of the best lacrosse gloves with features that appeal to you is never a bad investment. Having a pair of gloves that feels right can make the sport seem easier and boost your confidence. This is a large part of selecting the best lacrosse gloves for your personal style.


Having the best lacrosse gloves for you and the best stick for you literally go hand in hand. So, when shopping for the best lacrosse gloves, you should also consider your stick as well. Check out our excellent reviews on lacrosse shafts and reviews on lacrosse heads to help you decide what’s best for you.