The 3 Best Lacrosse Heads in 2018

Warrior Blade Pro is the best lacrosse head for faceoffs

Every hero, every athlete, needs his or her essential tools to get the job done and save the day. For lacrosse players, a necessary tool of the trade is the best lacrosse head at the end of the stick. Whether they are passing, firing a shot on net or cradling and maneuvering the ball through […]

The 2 Best Lacrosse Helmets in 2018

Cascade cpv r Lacrosse Helmet - the Best Lacrosse Helmet on the market

Your head is the most precious part of your body. And, more research surfacing on concussions in sports. Buying the best lacrosse helmet has never been more critical than it is now. The last thing you should need to worry about on the field is the protection of your head. You need the best lacrosse […]

The 4 Best Lacrosse Gloves for Attack in 2018

Brine King 5 is One of the Best Lacrosse Gloves for Attack Players

Protection and performance – those are the two cornerstones of the best lacrosse gloves. Whether you’re buying higher end equipment, like the Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse gloves or STX Surgeon 500 gloves, or looking at the best lacrosse gloves for youth players, these two qualities are always at the top of the list. Without the […]

The 3 Best Lacrosse Pads in 2018

Maverik Lacrosse M3 Elbow Pad - the Best Lacrosse Elbow Pad on the Market

Lacrosse is a physical sport. Players need to be protected to prevent injuries and keep themselves playing longer. After all, you’re no help to your team if you are sitting on the bench with an injury. That protection, as many players know, comes at a cost. You’re weighed down, your natural range of motion is […]

The Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads and Arm Guards

Have you every taken a hit to your elbows just doing normal day-to-day activities? I am sure it hurt! Think about playing a game of lacrosse with players slashing and cross checking you trying to get the ball. Your elbows are a prime and legal target for them to hit and “scoop” up so you […]

Guide to the Best Mesh for Lacrosse in 2018

the best mesh for lacrosse

Once you have chosen a head for your lacrosse stick, it is important to buy the best mesh for lacrosse. In general terms, the mesh is the “string” that is attached to the lacrosse head in order to hold the ball. The mesh can be strung onto the head in different configurations to cater to different […]

Best Middie Lacrosse Head of 2018

Warrior Evo 4x Lacrosse Head - One of the Best Lacrosse Heads on the Market

Personally, my position is a midfielder (or also known as a middie). By far, it is one of the toughest positions in the game due to the amount of stamina required to run back and forth to cover the field, and also the responsibilities. If the middie does not return back to the defensive half, then […]

Best Lacrosse Shaft for Attack Players in 2018

Epoch Firefly is the Best Lacrosse Shaft for Attack

In a lacrosse stick, their are two essential components: the head and the shaft. Whereas it can be argued that the head is the most important since it does catching, passing, shooting, and cradling, the shaft is just as important. As a player myself, I prefer a lacrosse shaft that is strong, lightweight, with enough grip […]